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Logs, Kindling, Seasoned Wood


Firewood and Logs

Our firewood is 100% hardwood - a mixture of Oak, Ash, Beech, Silver Birch and Sycamore. The trees that we cut down are either storm damaged, wind blown, diseased or from managed local sustainable sourced woodlands.

All from here in mid Wales.

Our firewood is quality assured and below 20% moisture when you receive them. This is to comply with the Government's new rules.

​Brookfield Timber The Sawmill Firewood Merchants

We supply dry wood suitable for all open and closed fires for all commercial and residential properties. Our firewood is suitable for all makes of stoves.

To ensure the best result when burning, all of our logs are cut and split and stored for a minimum of 24 months before selling. This is so the wood has a good amount of time to dry out. We can also cut and split wood depending on customer specifications to fit your own wood burner.

​Nets of Logs & Kindling Wood

The net stands approx 2ft tall

Nets of Logs - £10.00
Minimum order of 8 bags

Nets of Kindling Wood - £8.00

Barrow bags - approximately 90 logs


We can lift the Barrow Bags off for you & leave them in the bag. The bag has a cover over lid, sealed with a valcro strip.

You can place a regular delivery if you wish or just ring/message us when required.

Days may vary, so we can deliver to the same area on the same day to keep costs down.

Barrow bags contain approximately 90 logs - £45.00

After Care for your Products

​Once you have purchased your firewood, try to keep your logs in a well ventilated place.

​Stacking on pallets is good, as it allows the air to circulate through the stack.

​Always stack logs bark-side up.

​If using a log store, make sure there is a good air flow.

​If you leave your logs in the rain, they will soak up all the moisture & you will end up with WET logs.

​If you do not have a log store or shed, try to cover the top of your pile with a waterproof sheet, but only the top. Try not to cover the sides to allow the air to circulate.

​But they will still take up moisture.

​​If storing in a garage or shed try to ventilate regularly by opening windows and doors.

​Try to keep a two day supply indoors as they will gently warm up, further evaporating any moisture.

​The logs have all been cut through the summer, from timber that has been cut down for over two years. It is then stored in an air-dry log store, ready for burning in the future.

​For best results, burn seasoned firewood. This allows the heat to be radiated from the log in a shorter time. This means less wood is required to build a better and hotter fire.

Delivering your Firewood

​We have 2 ways of delivering your firewood.

​If you'd like the logs to be left in the bag, we will lift the bags off with our small crane and place them as close to where you would like as possible ​(DEPENDING ON ACCESSIBILITY).


​If you'd prefer to have the log's tipped out. The driver will tip your log's out for you & bring the empty bags away, so we can recycle & use again.